Sushant Torne

Productions & Operations Manager, Copious Events


Taking the PR course was the best decision of my life. My mentor gave minute attention and taught us all the modules thoroughly. Today I am very confident in life, all thanks to the motivation given. I’m happy PrimeCorp99 gave me my dream job! I would like to come and share my experience in one of the sessions.


Abhishek Singh

Social Media Manager


I loved the teaching style and extensive knowledge provided in the course. The flow is dynamic and adaptive, making excellent use of case studies and real life examples. In short, it has been a power-packed experience.


Sonia Vohra

PR Manager, Paradigm Shift PR


Miniscule things matter the most in the communications world.  The things we take for granted as common sense are to be put in black and white to the last letter.  I learnt these basics during the course.  The ever new and hands- on curriculum was a great motivator to get up every Sunday morning and rush for the class.  Overall, it was a great experience and my Sundays were Fundays due to the course and the group.  I would recommend this course to freshers to understand the working of communication world and to the experienced seniors to refresh and hone their skills.



Prerna Shiudkar

Commercial Pilot


Informative – Apt knowledge! Great interactive sessions! Improved Communications skills! Hoping for a good placement! 


Priyanka Sharma

Intern, Aarohan Communications Pvt Ltd


The course has developed my communication skills and made me a confident person which is a must in the media. It also helped me make my foundation strong and understand the basics of media relations and PR. The assignments are focused on the modules and give a real time experience.


Nidhi Jaya Shetty

Relationship manager, 360 Degree Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The course was very helpful for me as a fresher in the industry. It gives a realistic idea about the PR industry. The assignments were like cherry on the cake – helped me out in many ways. The classroom assignments and face to face discussions helped to improvise one’s personality.

Avinash D’Silva

Student, TYBMM


The course as a whole was very informative. The coordinator, Anahita guided us at all levels. The batch is filled with people from various fields so got to learn a lot more than just what the course offered. 


Taher F. Raghib

Proprietor, ‘Marvel Agencies’


My experience has been very enriching and I would recommend this program for all – not just people from the media and PR backgrounds because of the simplicity yet indepth knowledge provided. The best part of this program was the age-range of participant from 18 to70! And all participated in the sessions which were very interactive, followed by a critical analysis of all participants aimed at constant improvement in their communication skills. A very well-rounded, short and sweet yet comprehensive program, followed by individual assessment by coordinators suggesting a future course of action in the quest of attaining excellence in a rewarding career and lifelong benefits!


Nehal Gupta

Associate, Genesis PR


Overall experience of the PR and Media Mgmt Program was very educative. The basics that one requires to be armed with, when one is thinking of getting into the PR or CorpComm field, were very clearly and succinctly taught. Also, the assignments and projects, along with the overall class discussions helped a lot in shaping the mindset towards the job requirements. Overall, the modules and the assignments helped a great deal in giving us an idea of what is expected and how one is supposed to go about dealing with them!


Prabhakar Deshpande

Independent Consultant and Guest Faculty at IIT


The course is practical and builds confidence in a very short time. If you are looking to get going and start functioning, this course does that for you. Of course the fact that the course is from Press Club only helps.


Giri Naik

Manager-CorpComm & PR, Central Bank Of India


The course was very informative and the presentations and the lectures conducted were excellent. It was very much appreciated and the course has helped me in working in the area of my posting and has also helped me to grow in my organisation. I sincerely thank Anahita and PrimeCorp99 for educating me in this area.



Faye Remedios

Chief copy editor, TOI   


The course gave me a good insight into various aspects of the line in which i had not particularly thought before. For instance, coming from a journalism background I got good understanding of the PR function.

Narendra Lindait

Director, Synthesis Communications (Advertising & PR Agency)


Primecorp99 is an excellent institution for professionals who are serious about a career in PR. The course I enrolled for was a great foundation course and was an incredible learning experience. As an advertiser, I was aware of PR but the course gave me a deeper understanding of the subject and broadened my horizons. The course contents could clearly differentiate between PR, Journalism and Advertising. Seasoned and highly experienced faculty made the learning experience more interactive and interesting. Must say Primecorp99 is a great initiation by Press Club of Mumbai and highly recommended for those who wish to pursue PR as a career.


Dr. Badrayalam H. Syed

Doctor at Masina Hospital


The Course was very informative and a practical-knowledge giving program. I have learned a lot about PR, Advertising and Event Management with regard to all the basics and ethics. The Media modules are very informative and useful in the print and electronic media, apart from PR management.


Pooja Roy Chowdhury

Freelance Designer


I got to know about this course from my father who is a member of the Press Club. This course has been very informative and has provided an insight of communications. Being an aspiring communications specialist, this course proved to be very beneficial and definitely helped me improve myself as a professional. 


Hetal Rawal

Independent Writer & Food Blogger 


My experience with Primecrop99 has been the turning point in my life, especially with my coordinator, Anahita who helped work away my inability and lack of confidence with her guidance and positivity. My outlook has broadened and I am confident about my personal communication and professional PR skills. I feel enriched!


Commandant (Retd.) Dinesh Kumar Chauhan

Sr. PR Manager, Raymond Ltd.


“Excellent” is a lesser word for the knowledge gained by the course. The content and the presentation of the course should be termed as the strength. I would like to thank The Press Club of Mmbai to have given such a wonderful opportunity to me to learn and excel as a communicator. A note of thanks for Ms. Anahita for being the best teacher of my life! God Bless and Jai Hind!


Roopam Dhir

Functional Consultant, L&T Infotech and Miss India Contestant 


It has boosted my confidence a lot. It provides a real time exposure to the media field – the ins and outs of how the industry works. Assignments given were very helpful in giving practical knowledge. The course has helped in enhancing overall presentability and made us professional communicators. It’s very apt for working professionals who want to try something different from the usual routine. Proper placement assistance has been provided as promised. Overall a good course!

Mansi Mehta

Media Executive, IPURPLE Media


When asked to speak about my experience in the Press Club I couldn’t think of a better chance than this to thank my class co-ordinator Ms. Anahita Subedar, who has been my support and strength all throughout our classes and even post that.  I was in the June batch 2013 for 3 months. Even though I thought the price was a bit much for the course, by the end of it I realised each penny was worth the sessions. More than the material provided to us the whole experience of being in the class, participating in debates and developing a sense of confidence really helped me open up and put my point across. This was the institution where I learnt my core of PR and media management. 

Our assignments post class consisted of preparing press releases, press notes, press invites, and profile of a company and an individual. This covered most of the facets that one needed to start pitching for a project or a person. I was also taught crisis management. The knowledge and examples that were given to us were factual and relevant. This helped me grasp the information faster as I could relate to it.

There are 4 main aspects that I learnt in the press club to be a successful publicist. One was to respect DEADLINES!! In real life situations I realised the importance of submitting or pitching a story to a newspaper journalist. Even a day late would make me lose the coverage. During the events that I handled we stayed up till 4 in the morning just to do the post event respecting the deadlines.  

Second thing I learnt was how to be an assertive speaker. I came across as an aggressive speaker in our group discussions and debates. But over a period of time and through the proactive feedback of the class co-ordinator I spoke less aggressively and more assertively.

The third most important thing was the assignment given to us. It was to make our own media list. We were all asked to make the Media List of the beats that we wanted to handle PR for. That assignment in itself was extremely fruitful for me. When I joined my first company I handled the media relations of a Pop Star, Vasuda Sharma, who was travelling to all cities performing the tracks of her new independent album.

I had to directly get on it without any delay to make the most my time given to attain maximum coverage for her. The media list made it extremely convenient and easy to get her quality coverage. With this I learnt that this assignment in future makes you an asset of the company as most of the work is done based on the media list.

The last and the most crucial aspect was to read the paper every day. Every time in class the first 15 minutes were spent discussing the trending topics and top stories of the day/week. That discussion not just helped me with more information, it also helped me understand or encounter different opinions and outlooks of people. 

Lastly I would like to mention that no matter how many degrees one achieves in Mass Media, they can get it right only if they know the core of Public Relations and do real time assignments. This course is a foundation and a stepping stone to all the aspiring professionals. My journey there was wonderful and an experience of a lifetime.