As an accountable, knowledge-based Public Relations & Media Consultancy, we implement strategies based on solid research and marketing intelligence, and implement new avenues to drive sales, enhancing the brand value of our clients. Our vision for your communications needs, is based on a core set of services we excel in, including:


Image Management:

Carving distinct identity for companies, institutions and individuals by communicating the right messages, at the right time, through the right media mix to create, sustain and enhance the desired image among the target publics.


Media Relations:

We invest time and effort in nurturing media ties, locally and nationally. Our strategic messages and story ideas ensure media coverage for our clients. Our media-related services include:

Celebrity Management:

Projecting the desired Image; developing creative themes and news angles; Identifying relevant communication platforms

Crisis Management:

We assist in handling unexpected crisis, implement effective damage control measures to contain the ongoing crisis and control the aftermath of a challenging situation with post-crisis planning.

New Age Media Competency:

We facilitate in reaching out to target audiences across a host of social media platforms and technologies - leveraging the power of the digital world on various fronts including online and on the mobile via interactions, social networking sites, blogging, podcasts, etc.

Marketing PR and Intelligence:

With marketing objectives as the basis for defining target audiences, we develop and provide associated strategies at various levels. We track and analyze relevant news items and scan the media landscape for pertinent coverage, thereby gauging the market-standing of our clients as well as remaining alert to industrial movements and potential communications crises.
Event Support: We provide support, working with event management companies on behalf of clients and coordinate all the tasks associated with an event from conceptualization to staging.

Community Relations & CSR:

Assisting your being perceived as a good corporate citizen by highlighting the philanthropic side of PR

Content Creation & Management:

all kinds of literature - internal or external, media, marketing or corporate - done by content professionals to provide that flawless polish.
Media Training: providing tips and guidance on making the most of every media opportunity, including interviewing techniques and other elements of media interaction.