Every business needs publicity to spread the word, gain new business and build up trust and credibility. A good buzz around your business makes all the difference between a company that just ticks along and one that everyone wants to work with or buy from!
Investing in your image is inevitable if you want your company to stand out in today’s highly competitive corporate landscape. It is true that good PR can do that for you. As India reinvents the way it does business, the value-added advantages of having effective PR on your side, go way beyond marketing’s first-level consequential benefits like brand recognition, recall and consumer loyalty.

Training your employees to cater for inhouse PR, or Corporate Communications and setting up an inhouse PR/CorpComm department, to handle all or a part of a company's communications, offers considerable benefits. Having people trained in corporate communications at all times within your organisation makes all the difference – in terms of time, space and effort utility – providing your organization with undivided focus on both levels – Internal and external. Not to forget the win-win situation of multi-tasking, where the organization gains a new in-house communications department and the employees get an additional qualification, adding value to their resume!