The program content comprises 8 modules, offered at two levels - Basic and Advanced, as under:
Under the BASIC Course, the Syllabus instills aptitude in the following areas:                                                

On completion of the Basic Course, there is a Professional Assessment Evaluation (PAE) or a one-on-one session held between the coordinator and the participant. The PAE is an instrumental tool of analysis for professional development and serves as a guiding point for the student and the coordinator to mutually decide upon the preferred area of specialisation. It is based on the participant’s overall performance via asssignments and participation, the helps the coordinator provide an insight into the areas of strengths as a communicator, before you move on to the advanced course.

Kindly Note

We encourage maximum participation in class. Participants are provided with comprehensive hand-outs at the end of each session and there is no need to take notes during class.