Our High-Value Industrial Certificate Course provides you with in-depth working knowledge and functioning of the Media and is tremendously useful for all who seek value-added specialization in the dynamic Media Industry.
You could be:

  • starting out afresh on the career path or
  • choosing an effective value addition platform to your existing resume or
  • looking for a career switch or a job change!

There is no maximum age limit! You could be a student, professional, graduate job-seeker, undergraduate, housewife, entrepreneur or an executive from any field. If you are dedicated to jumpstarting and power-charging your career, look no further…

Certification is provided for both levels – Basic as well as Advanced - on completion of assignments and adequate attendance (85% compulsory). On course conclusion, you will be awarded a certificate (link) confirming your successful completion of the course. You would be certified by the prestigious ‘Press Club Of Mumbai’, which renders the much appreciated ‘Industrial’ qualification, in addition to the academic one.  This greatly enhances the value of your resume in terms of both - quality education and job-worthiness / employability.